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Photoshop Tutorial: gifs

I’ll be making tutorials by request (and other about what I generally think could be helpful). I will be adding a lot of commentary in the text though, tricks and things that I’ve learned to make it go smoother. So while you don’t have to read the text, I’m going to suggest it. 

Stop by my ask anytime you have a request for a tutorial. 

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In the true spirit of portfolio school, I give you the truest capture of the last three weeks for a whole host of creatives I know. Myself included.

i. Love Song // Sara Bareilles » ii. Wannabe // Spice Girls » iii. Go Your Own Way // Fleetwood Mac » iv. Stacy’s Mom // Fountains of Wayne » v. Just The Girl // The Click Five » vi. Kiss You // One Direction » vii. Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down // Fall Out Boy » viii. Pinball Wizard // The Who » ix. Only The Good Die Young // Billy Joel » x. Somebody To Love // Queen[listen]

Fictional hero I look up to: Han Solo.Without a doubt a pop culture icon, a hero with obvious flaws, and someone that wasn’t born to be a hero, but realizes it’s important that he takes the role anyway. One of the best examples of character growth in modern storytelling. I’m obsessed.

Knowledge is Power and as cheesy as that sounds it’s true. If I could have a superpower, it would be to learn through osmosis. Imagine the difference you could make if the entire world of information was literally at your fingertips.